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Glass Tint Films?

These days, glass tint films are also being call window wallpaper.  This is because there are so many more varieties of glass tint films available than just a few years ago.  Glass tint films basically refers to a thin darkly coloured film placed over glass to improve the look of the glass and enhance its heat reduction capabilities.  Glass tint films are commonly used on vehicle windows and building windows.  The main purpose has always been to make the windows darker, however nowadays all sorts of themes and textures have wound their way into the glass tint film industry.


Should you be a nature lover, you will now be able to purchase glass tint film for your home windows that contain lovely nature depictions such as landscapes, animals and sea-life while still reducing the heat levels inside your home and saving energy.

If you are more interested in classic, traditional-looking windows for your home or office building, you will be able to invest in window films without any patterns on them and in more than 10 colours!  You will be able to have your home festive-looking all year round.  Some of these festive glass tint films contain no adhesives and have a very strong privacy factor as no unwanted eyes will be able to pry through them.

Glass tint is also available in frosted film.  These films can be applied on any plain windows in your home or on your property whether it is on the shower door or the garden shed.  Frosted glass tint film imitates the sparkle of real frosted glass without the hefty price tag.  This type of glass tint film is very durable and you can choose between lightly frosted windows or the normal frosted window option.